Faux plants

We’ve all had them at some stage of our lives, and although they have been a great substitute over the years as they are low maintenance and come in a variety of very real looking plants, it is time to get the O2 back in our homes.  Plus, real plants change over the months as they grow and therefore change the look in your area.  So, get to the nursery and purchase a few plants to freshen up your home.

Natural Materials

Along with the addition of your real plants, we expect to see more natural materials like cane, raffia, wood and wicker brought into homes, as well as organic linen.

Decorative elements also gravitate to nature.  Florals, leaves and animal prints are making an increasing appearance in modern interiors.

But let’s not forget about some colour.  Neutrals are being replaced by bright palettes in furniture wallpapers and accessories. But you can expect the current trends of soft peachy corals and terracotta to stick around for a while.


Metals are practical and stylish.  Bring in some warm metals like brass, bronze and copper which combine beautifully with concrete, glass and marble.  Finish off the look with velvet furniture and dark wood.

Create your own space

But having said all that, a very interesting trend for 2021 is to ignore everything we’ve just told you.  Create your own space, personalize and adjust your home to suit your lifestyle and that of your family, even if your ideas are contrary to style trends!!

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