Classic Blue… 2020 colour of the year.

“ PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on…
Classic Blue encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking; challenges us
to think more deeply, increase our prospective and open the flow of communication.”

– Leatrice Eiseman

(Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute)

Leatrice Eiseman couldn’t be more accurate about the colour blue. At first thought, it might appear as such a common shade, but our minds can explode with ideas on how to use this colour and be more creative in our space.

By considering all the different ways we can incorporate this shade in our design, we are creatively challenged to do more than just paint a wall and be on trend. It is all about creating a unique experience, finding pleasure and calmness in a space, and experiencing the eye-catching blue factor.

Blue doesn’t have to be your only hue; a splash of this colour can also make a statement.
And that dear readers is the beauty of blue. ANYTHING GOES, the options are endless.

You can do a few scatter cushions in blue, a funky statement piece which is covered in blue, a furniture piece that has been covered in blue, a big picture with blue hues. The options are endless.

House and Leisure’s Louise Zun wrote an article “ Dune Living” where she takes us through Berber Lodge situated in Marrakech, Morocco. This lodge is a very good example of how to use this classic blue by positioning a blue arm chair in the salon area. It definitely makes a statement beside the other beautiful pieces of this Moroccan style lodge.

Moving back to some local spaces, Make Studio recently designed an amazing new hotel in Oranjezight, Cape Town. Visi magazines’ Amelia Brown covered this amazing transformation. Make Studio not only used blue as a statement colour but also as a mood setting colour in some spaces. For example, in the bar area the chairs and a statement wall have been created using blue to create the calming yet spectacular emphasis. In the atrium, blue once again creates a statement in the middle of the space.

I’ve created a Pinterest board called “Something blue” where you are more than welcome to look at some amazing inspirational photos.

Take this shade, and let it inspire you. Be creative, Be different. and Have fun with BLUE!

Till next time.

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