I don’t know about you, but since the lockdown, the feeling of re-decorating a few spaces in my home is quite strong. I decided to look at new trend ideas that have been predicted for 2020.

Doing some research on trends for 2020, I stumbled on many articles all saying different things and suggesting different trends to follow. (I mostly used Architecture Digest knowing it is a trusted source.) Considering all these suggestions and focusing on those trends that are repeated more than once throughout all the articles, I’ve came to the conclusion that these would be the trends to watch and to be inspired.

Architecture Digest calls this decade “Neo-Deco”. It is time for geometrical forms and interpretations of neutral hues. One of their design forecasters said that this is the time for design interpretations to be anything but boring. Here are four of the most dominant trends.

#1 Simple Luxuries

Architecture Digest says this year the significant design trend is going minimal. However, there is a twist; instead of the black white and grey minimal style, it is going to be with warm neutrals, “a Cozy Scandinavian” look. They also call it the lived-in look. That is exactly what we need, a place that is pleasing on the eye and comfy. Our inner child can come out and relax with this style.

#2 Dark wood becomes lightwood

It is also suggested to use dark wood for interior instead of the same old light wood. According to the article “dark wood finishes will bring a sense of elevated luxury and elegance”. This direction is quite different from the light wood that we are used to, but it creates a completely different atmosphere in your space, giving it a more cozy sitting by the fire with a cup of coffee type of vibe.

#3 Natural longing

Architecture Digest predicts Indoor gardens will become a trend. People will be longing for the essence of nature more than ever, and this will lead to having natural elements inside our homes. From big and bold botanical murals to funky natural decoration statement pieces, a new and bold trend is introduced.

#4 Geometric shapes

Art Deco inspired spaces will also start showing its’ self again. Using geometric shapes like circles, rectangles, and stripe motifs combined with earthy tones is the way to go.

This year , decade even, sounds like a lot of fun in the design world. It is THE time to go wild with our interiors and not look back.

Have fun in these moments.

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